Andrew Shayde | The Squad From Outer Space

On September 9th, I am participating in AIDS Walk Portland, and I need your help!

For 6 years I've captained the Top Fundraising Team and I want to continue that as the money we've raised as a team has helped sooo many folks in so many ways.
$301,505 raised by our team alone. Help me keep it up, not burn out, and keep fighting back against HIV until there's a cure!

2011- Superheroes
2012- Legends
2013- Animals
2014- Disney
2015- Games
2016- Monsters

Thank you so much! I love yall! 

Andrew S. 

Funds raised: $5,016 of $2,500


Thank you donors
Anonymous : $312
The Eagle : $545
Anonymous : $315
Joe Rashbaum : $36
Always happy to help such an important cause of a fellow Amazing Racer. Keep up the great work. :)
Matthew Brady : $50
Andrew your an amazing human being and we commend you for all your hard work and efforts you put into this fundraiser. Matt Brady/ Brad Long
Willie Johnson : $30
Darcy O'Loughlin : $25
Gotta take a shot at that yellow Power Ranger for a friend of mine!! And, of course, support our FEARLESS LEADER!!!
Bradley Bales : $20
Charles Sanchez : $10
Tobias Russell : $25
You had me at Power Rangers. Thank you for continually doing good for our community. Miss you buddy.
Michael Bozarth : $88
Thanks for all your work in our community
Tal DeWitt : $35
Diego Williams : $100
Great Job Squad From Outer Space!!!
Tracy Petrasek : $40
Always happy to help!
Andres Franco : $200
Amy Caplan : $50
Mark Coleman : $220
Anonymous : $220
Chris Kohler : $50
Daniel T Lynch : $25
Cecil Shelton : $20
Hugs from PA!
Anthony Rodriguez : $55
Always proud of you!!
Chris Gerber : $20
Thank you to CAP, Prism, and you for all of the great work you are doing for the community!
Jon Dayton : $100
Andrew, thank you for being a leader of change in the community! Jon
Mark Coleman : $100
Hope you're having a blast in Florida!! Any chance you could bring me back a pet alligator? Jk.
Kim Navarre : $25
Roy Watson : $169
There, now you are back to an even (ish) number! Sending my love out west!
Mark Coleman : $100
Adam Aguilera : $36
To my Portland superhero, Andrew. Happy Birthday!
Scott Vignos : $50
Susan Watson : $50
Tonya L Wesley : $40
Karen Iliff : $36
Happy Birthday, Andrew! A dollar for each year the universe has had the privilege of knowing you!
Monica Wesolowski : $10
Happy Birthday, Andrew! Wish it could be more. Hugs!
steven schack : $50
Michelle Kaseberg : $50
Happy birthday Andrew. Love, Collin and Michelle
Kim Navarre : $25
Brian Shelton-Kelley : $25
George Gustines : $250
Keep up the great work, Green Lantern of Hope, Handsome and Humanitarianism!
Jeffrey Estill : $100
Jamie Fay : $10
Constance Struss : $100
Very proud of you, Andrew. Miss those days of you guys playing out in the court, etc.
Lori Jones : $25
David Dishman : $10
Sullivans Gulch : $225
Mark Coleman : $100
Michael Sorensen : $25
Skye Arnold : $50
Eric Chambers : $25
D. Holden Knecht : $50
Rebecca Reitnauer : $25
Sullivans Gluch : $614
For Burger Nights!
Anonymous : $50
I wanted to be the first to wish you Good Luck this year! Sending love, prayers, and best wishes to another successful year at the walk!!