Andrew Shayde | The Mighty Monsters

On September 10th, I am participating in AIDS Walk Portland, and I need your help!

For 5 years I have Captained the highest fundraising team each year and I want to continue that. Collectively we have raised over $250,000 by our team alone to fight HIV. 
But we can't do it without your help!
This year our team theme is The Mighty Monsters!
I'll be dressing as my favorite bone-daddy Jack Skellington! 

Please donate toward my fundraising goal and/or join my team and walk with me! 

Thank you sooooo much!

Funds raised: $6,021 of $4,000


Thank you donors
Jonathan Reitan : $20
Because I always believe in beating a goal, not meeting one. Thank you for all that you do! :)
Jeff Sherman : $32
Tonya L Wesley : $40
Chad Wilberg : $25
Mark Coleman : $44
Rick Hunter : $50
Thank you for your commitment! Still hope to meet you and your friends some day around Portland!
Annie Ormsbee : $15
Jeremy Scherzinger : $25
Andy Franco : $150
Judge Kemp : $50
Great job Andrew!
ashley hyde : $25
robert bethge : $5
Joqs Burger Night : $280
Mic Mccoy : $20
Tami Cooper : $50
$50 for your 5***** Star Attitude!!! Best of Luck with the Walk, the Move, the commute, and for always being open to adventure and change!! Wishing you a PERFECT day for the AIDS WALK PORTLAND!
David Dishman : $10
Shari VanHoose : $25
Tyler Kershaw : $25
I will not be able to attend due to prior commitments, but I think the world of you & your team! Thank you for everything you do for Portland & the LGBT community! Mr Gay Portland XL Ty VanHelsing
I hope this donation helps out
Michael Randall : $25
Jesse Coburn : $25
Yay!! Glad I can help again! Looks like your going to go even further with your goal. Congratulations.
Larry Sprouse : $80
I'm proud of you Andrew. Love you tons brother. Hugs
Todd Ladanyi : $25
Michael Dollowitch : $300
Paul Rossi : $30
Trevor Setvin : $20
Andrew, your hard work and positive attitude make the world a better place! Thank you for making a difference in Portland's community. Keep fighting the good fight!
Bradley Bales : $25
Burger Night : $445
Adam Green : $50
Robby Cook : $20
Matching Funds US Bank : $100
Alyssa Ferguson : $25
Anonymous : $100
Anthony Rodriguez : $25
Jesse Coburn : $25
Sad I can't be there. My job makes it hard to volunteer or attend these types of things. Happy I can donate though!
Jamie Fay : $10
Good luck and thanks for the great work you do! And even better luck with your book! Keep it up!
Peter Skirvin : $100
Jeff Sherman : $100
Clinton Roose : $150
To get you to your goal! Clinton
Jason Jacobs : $5
I joined your team and will be there.. I am the TGA co-chair for King County and Seattle. So CX Caption American when i show up I hope you know how much it appreciate you.....I need an xxs small shirt
John Lowe : $50
Thanking you for all you do! Good luck.
Kenneth Connin : $20
Couldn't help but donate to a great organization!
Jordan White-Tower : $25
Thank YOU!
Robert Randall : $50
Jason Jacobs : $25
Keep up the awesome fundraising and your work. I am doing the Seattle and Colorado AIDS walks also. Walk on!!!!
Douglas Marshall : $25
Kylie Terhune : $15
Jeremy Scherzinger : $25
Dennis Hyde : $50
Susan Watson : $50
Wish I would walk with you.
Dakota Cisco : $15
Cardinal at heart - but always willing to help a Cat ;) #L1C4
Shane Sanders : $50
Anonymous : $50
Good luck, best wishes, and yall have fun!!
Andrew Rhodes : $100
Jack W. Omer : $50
Tracy Petrasek : $50
Blake Joerger : $25
Thank you for doing this Andrew! -Blake
Michelle Kaseberg : $50
Keep on doing what you do!
James Harter : $50
Go for it Andrew! Jay
Ken Salaman : $50
Love you, Andrew! Big Hugs!
Kelli Smith : $25
Anonymous : $50
Anonymous : $56
Now you are above your goal! Good luck on the walk, send you and your teams lots of love!
Leigh Wilson : $75
Constance Struss : $100
So proud of you Andrew! Not surprised how well you turned out knowing the wonderful family you come from. And you do have the cutest niece ever.  Connie & Ed b
Kim Navarre : $25
Syam Buradagunta : $1
Joqs : $495
Anonymous : $100
I love you Andrew. I appreciate all you do. You are my inspiration. Thank you for your love and encouragement the last three years,as I start my new life and journey. You Rock!!
Anonymous : $100
Good Luck and have lots of fun!!
James Troy Hutchinson : $10
Leo Bancroft : $25
Happy birthday!!!! xoxoxo
Naked Trivia Cocktail : $98
Naked Trivia : $174
Naked Trivia Cocktails : $172
Naked Trivia : $118
Naked Trivia Cash : $70
Joqs Portland Burger Night : $706
Naked Trivia Scandals Specialty Cocktail : $50
Naked Trivia Cash : $110
Naked Trivia Square : $15
Mark Coleman : $20