Daniel Borgen | Team New Seasons Market

I walk because AIDS Walk is our community's single most powerful and enduring response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and my hope is you'll join me--on the streets and with a donation or both!

I walk because in this political climate, in these times, raising money for our vital nonprofits is more important than ever.

This is the cause nearest and dearest to my heart. We've come so far in terms of treatments, but we still have a long journey ahead. I walk in AIDS Walk every year for every single friend I know who has to take expensive, life-saving medication so they can continue to be with us. I walk for them because I want a cure. Will you join me in helping make lasting impacts on this fight?

I walk in honor of people who are no longer with us, for the generation of folks decimated and erased from history by an epidemic our government ignored. A generation of artists, activists, businessmen, musicians, painters, actors, writers--their lives gone so early simply because of who they loved. Imagine how different our world would have been with their long lives in our history books. 

I walk proudly to end the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS. I walk for Cascade AIDS Project because they save lives every single day, and they are committed to testing, early detection, and serving disenfranchised communities, who are often the most vulnerable. I walk for Prism health, our community's LGBTQ-centered primary care clinic, because every person in our community deserves compassionate, competent health care.

I support CAP because I know your money does good work--and your money has helped people I know and see every day. CAP also provides housing assistance, job training--and so much more. 

To make a donation on my behalf and help me reach my fundraising goal, please click on the "Donate Now" button to the right. 

Thank you for your support!

Incorporated in 1985, CAP the oldest and largest AIDS Service Organization in Oregon and Southwest Washington. 2017 marks the 31st Annual AIDS Walk Portland.
Cascade AIDS Project is a 501 c(3) organization.
Tax ID # 93-0903383

Funds raised: $11,040 of $10,000


Thank you donors
Anonymous : $50
Thank you, Kendra Borgen!
Elaine Brown : $20
Ashley Thompson : $30
Jenny & David Bright : $25
Go get 'em Daniel!
Robert Goman : $100
Linda Radding : $30
Better late than never. We care. Linda& Brooke.
Blake Ellis : $100
MUAH! You're amazing, mister.
April Chambers : $15
11th hour coffee money!
Sara Elkins : $50
Carol Ann Bonafede : $25
Helen Townes : $75
Salesforce Match : $50
Anonymous : $15
Loridel Buss : $50
Katrina Turner : $50
Love you guys!
Justin Hardwick : $100
Thanks to the angels like Daniel who work so hard to raise money for such an important and worthy cause.
Ashley Skeith : $25
Steven Glickman : $100
I support Daniel and everything his efforts stand for. I wish I could do more.
Adam Gretzinger : $100
Ryan and I are thrilled to support this worthy cause.
Jason Myers : $30
Tim O'Hearn : $101
Congratulations on the first to 10k
Melissa Gibson : $100
Raeann Mulvaney : $50
You Got This!!!!
Eric Zimmerman : $175
Lori Schallich : $100
Chantel Broad : $35
a zillion hugs and kisses to you! sorry it's not more-i kind of blew my wad on the houston animals last week.
Daniel Borgen : $25
Change for charity--thanks, Laird!
Emily Escudero : $30
Komo Bains : $500
Sisters always stick together, xoxo love you always
Jamie Kay Heisler : $25
Karen Petersen Portugal : $100
Kody Leonard : $100
Carl Halvorson : $150
Tanisha Harris : $25
Jojo Knapp : $50
Erin Hecker : $25
Adam Patterson : $200
Nana! Willard and I love you. We are thrilled to support you. (xo forever)
Aaron Boren : $300
Go team, go!
Nathan Bielas : $50
Alyssa Brownlee : $100
I'm so proud of you, Daniel. Thank you for the work you do!
Susan R Ashton : $100
Go Daniel & Team New Seasons Market!
Debra Denny : $50
Frances Wagner : $25
jake Lewis : $25
Proud of you getting out there and doing this for the community !!
Khaden Jee : $26
Pamela Mudge : $100
Bravo Daniel!
Anonymous : $500
Cindy Hevel : $50
I'm honored to support you as you participant in the Portland AIDS Walk.
Emily Freeman : $50
Go Daniel Go!
Michael & Lane Hevel-Schmidt : $200
This is our favorite donation all year.
Emily Murgo : $30
Shaun Semsch : $100
Hannah Fullerton : $15
Paramount Salon : $250
You're the best Daniel! Crushing another year, your support is inspirational.
Chris Kurtz : $39
Thank you for all you do!
Mike Paulsen : $52
I love your kind soul.
Greg Borders : $50
Go Daniel! Go CAP!!
Robert & Beverly Pugh : $250
Supporting Adam Patterson's request.
Jennifer Kegler : $25
Your commitment is so wonderful!
Erin Steen : $30
I'm proud to know you boo  xo Erin Steen
Jimmie Erwin : $100
Thank you for being such a huge support every year! Xoxo
Rev.Bruce Wilson : $40
So grateful for you and this!
Marissa Katter : $50
I get so emotional, baby.
Anonymous : $50
Here's a little bit more, sweet Lady.
Julie Schmidt : $100
Run like the wind, Daniel
Kevin Lennox : $50
I will always support you!!!
Anonymous : $100
Gino Ramos : $50
Muah! Company match coming.
Patricia Brooke : $50
Nancy Stueber : $100
Anonymous : $25
Tim Hecox : $50
Valerie Bortz : $50
Love you Daniel!
Lorrie McCullough : $50
Kelly Rourke : $200
Melissa Fong : $50
Catherine Ingvaldsen : $50
Amanda Judkins : $50
Thank you for walking.
Erin Graham : $50
Carol Fauber : $35
Nicole Finneman : $150
Amie Morgan : $50
Love you cousin! I love that you spend your time every year for such a great cause!
marc tobin : $100
Brian Bartee : $30
Matthew Merritt : $50
Thank you, Daniel!
David lee : $100
Go Daniel. Thanks for your effort on this wonderful cause.
Tani White : $100
Thank you for your commitment year after year. With you until the battle is won.
Lisa Schroeder : $100
Nancy Lane : $50
It is my pleasure and honor to give to such a worthy and important cause and to support a good friend.
Debbie and Bill Patterson : $100
Hope this helps your team. Thanks for being a good friend to Adam. This donation in his honor! Debbie and Bill Patterson
TJ Acena : $10
Amanda Davenport : $50
Alison Anderson : $200
Best of Luck Daniel...I love you!
Melinda Seaman : $25
Thanks Daniel for including me. Melinda Seaman
Tim Cutler : $300
Melinda Fulmer : $100
You inspire me and so many others. Love you!
Matthew Smith : $100
Thank you, Daniel, for your dedication!! You are awesome!! Xo
Robert Speltz : $150
Thank you, Daniel! XO
Lynda Wilkinson : $25
As always, I wish it could be more. Have the best walk ever!
Terrence Bean : $250
Helen Townes : $150
Bravo, Daniel!
Wayne Amondson : $103
It is a JOY to support this Very Worthy Cause!!!!
Wayne Sloane : $100
Thank you, Daniel. XO
Rachael Withers : $100
Thank you for all that you are do! You are an amazing reflection of all that is harmonious, natural, uplifting, expanding, and inspiring. Xo
Becky Dykstra : $100
Always an inspiration!!
Bryce Butcher : $40
Debra Johnston : $200
Andrew Barter : $50
Crystal Neill : $50
John Halseth : $50
Gary Boyer : $100
Thank you for your continued commitment and being such a vibrant member of our community!
Jake Kindrachuk : $100
paula bixel : $100
David Sjolin : $100
Paul Finlay : $50
I never pause to support CAP or the inimitable Mr. Borgen.. Much love and a few shekels for The Man.
dana comella : $100
Kimberly Koehler : $100
I am struck again by your beauty, both inside and out!
Paul Rummell : $100
Lady Borgen, We love you!
Thomas McHugh : $250
Kurtis Clark : $200
Thanks for all you do for this wonderful, wonderful cause!