Darcy O'Loughlin | The Squad From Outer Space

On September 9th, I am participating in AIDS Walk Portland, and I need your help!

For the past 3 years, I've participated in AIDS Walk Portland as part of the  Walk's Top fundraising team -- one that's raised over $300,000 over 6 years!! 

Each year, we pick a theme, dress up like lunatics and have a great time walking across the beautiful Rose City, all to raise funds for the crucial programs and services provided by Cascade AIDS Project ("CAP") to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS, to support those affected by it, and to find a cure!

In 2014, we were the Disney Heroes & Villains (my costume: Ursula the Sea-witch from "The Little Mermaid").
In 2015, the Guild of Games (I was Miss Scarlet from the board game "Clue")
In 2016, Mighty Monsters (Me was Cookie Monster!)

With health care and support services under increasing threat these days, this year's Walk is more important than EVER. Please help me keep up our fundraising success and not let it burn out! Just click on the "Donate Now" button to the right and add to my tally as ...

Marvin the Martian in THE SQUAD FROM OUTER SPACE!! :)

Thank so much for your support!!

Incorporated in 1985, CAP the oldest and largest AIDS Service Organization in Oregon and Southwest Washington. 2017 marks the 31st Annual AIDS Walk Portland.
Cascade AIDS Project is a 501 c(3) organization.
Tax ID # 93-0903383

Funds raised: $3,530 of $3,000


Thank you donors
Jane Park-Weir : $30
Good luck! (Better late than never ;-)) Love the PWs xx
Michael Jacobs : $95
Have a great time! Mike, Lucy and Amelie
Peter Smith : $100
Trisha Velez : $25
Go get 'em!
Charles Winckworth : $75
You're such a good person Darcy. Amazing x
Anonymous : $50
Best wishes from 2 TARflies!
Robin Dusek : $50
Anonymous : $60
From an amazing chick who'll never run out of seasons!!
Martin Rooney : $20
Terri Parker : $50
Good luck! Have a great time!
Anonymous : $40
Thanks so much to the wonderful Daisy Adams!!
Sarah D'Angelo : $35
Jane LaBombard : $30
Looking forward to your social media updates! Have a blast!
Monica Wesolowski : $20
Have fun, Darcy! And give Andrew a kiss for me.
Clara Pang : $50
Have a great walk!
Anonymous : $25
William Schmahl : $100
Sylvia Simon : $25
Michael Gracia : $100
Thomas Trevor : $25
Walk fiercely, Darcy! --Tom
Adam Kiefer : $25
Deborah Sullivan : $30
So proud to be your friend!
Joshua Konvisser : $50
Judi Mahaney : $20
Anonymous : $100
Don't forget your illudium Q-36 space modulator.. you'll need that to blow up Venus..
Joseph Flournoy : $20
Patricia Cirucci : $100
Go Daisy!!!
Samantha Dow : $50
Have fun walking! (and I AM getting this in before I run away to Peru!)
Catherine Golden : $25
Best of luck fund raising for this great cause, Darcy!
Lily Hung : $25
Josephine Torrente : $250
Carole Pepe : $50
Such a worthwhile cause. Thank you, Darcy.
Luscinia Martindale : $25
Super fundraising effort again Darcy! Good luck x
Lizandra Rios : $25
Keep doing your thing honey !!! So proud to have you as my friend !
Raymil Perez : $25
If I get a job before the walk, I promise to donate more
Suzanne Fecteau : $20
You make QBY proud!!!!
Kasey Boyle : $100
Anonymous : $105
Incredible donation by Awesome Otto, age 8!
Rubria Medina : $25
Go Darcy!!!
Rachel Novak : $50
Have a great time! :) Rachel
Kim Navarre : $25
Anonymous : $100
Mary Jo Bednar : $25
Katie Flury : $10
Half way to your goal!
Lucy Chan : $25
Diane D'Angelo : $50
Happy to support you and this amazing cause. For your friendship, your joie de vivre, and the fact that you have an apostrophe in your last name (we need to stick together).
Alex Robertson : $20
You rock Darcy! Looking forward to seeing the costumes :D
Anonymous : $500
Great costume idea!
Brian mcnally : $50
Maureen Pastre : $40
Love your spirit, energy, and heart Darcy. I'm sure you'll reach the goal for this great cause...and I can't wait to see your costume.
Jenny Miller : $50
Darcy O : $500
Let's DO THIS!!! :)