Jacob Rosales | Corazon of Washington County

On September 10th, I am participating in AIDS Walk Portland, and I need your help!

AIDSWalk has been an event near, and dear, to my heart. I've lost to this disease which only strengthens my resolve to do my part to battle it. By raising funds, we are helping research, preventative measures, and resources for those that have been affected by HIV/AIDS. These resources are in the form of counseling, housing assistance, testing, and medical support.

This fight can't be fought alone. You too can join our army and donate to the cause with time, money, or BOTH. Join my team. Start your own. Donate.

HELP ME REACH MY GOAL OF $2,500!!!! Thank you!!!

Incorporated in 1985, CAP the oldest and largest AIDS Service Organization in Oregon and Southwest Washington. 2016 marks the 30th Annual AIDS Walk Portland.
Cascade AIDS Project is a 501 c(3) organization.
Tax ID # 93-0903383

Funds raised: $2,626 of $2,500


Thank you donors
Jacob Rosales : $25
Nora Fox : $40
Amy Mihelich : $50
nikki Madsen : $100
Michelle Larson : $10
Wish I could do more. Have a great time tomorrow. Love you!!
Daniel Guillen : $301
Laura Araza : $100
Go get em!
Neal Franzer : $40
You're at $2,000 . . . Congrats! Sorry I won't be there to give you a giant hug tomorrow.
Meaghan Robinson : $20
Sara Evans : $100
You inspired me with Wilsons!! What better idea than a Jello-shot fundraiser LOL!!
LeeAndra Garcia : $40
Julie Golzarian : $200
Eva Calcagno : $25
Cheering for Jacob and team Corazon!
Jacob Rosales : $15
Emma's 2 cents donations for unsolicited input.
Marnie Squier : $20
Casey Goldsby : $20
I hope you reach your goal! <3
sirena clark : $10
Meaghan Robinson : $10
Amber Quinn : $140
Walk on!!!
Shelly Gray : $20
Stephanie Every : $2

Cindy Downey : $20
Great job, Jacob!
Chrystella Byers : $20
Jacob. Thank you for being my friend.
Mary Stover : $2
Love from the Stovers in the big AK
Meaghan Robinson : $10
Love you, Jacob!! Keep up ruining everything!!!
Timothy Groshong : $10
Lauri Jackson : $25
We love you Jacob!!!! I have surgery the same weekend as the walk or I would figure out how to do both walks (ALZ)....but maybe next year!
Lorraine Heinauer : $20
Gina Roletto : $50
Jennifer Nelson : $100
A great person raising funds for a great cause - good luck Team Corazon!
Kim Kolb : $50
Chelse Bender : $30
Sara Evans : $31
Who can resist you team Corazon!!
Lee Van Duzer : $50
shawn martin : $100
Julia Golzarian : $200
Jacob Rosales : $80
Thank you Korina for hosting the Jell-O Shot fundraising event! $100 raised total in one weekend.
Jacob Rosales : $20
Partial donation from Korina Gonzalez and Wilson's Cafe & Sports Bar from the Jello shots fundraiser. Thank you!
Bri Lindley : $10
Red dress party, please!
Neal Franzer : $150
Thank you for raising money for this amazing cause. Smash it this year!!
Jacob Rosales : $25
Cash donation from Alton Rawls! Thank you, Alton!!!
Julie Golzarian : $200
Go Team Corazon. You are awesome Jacob! Thanks for helping me LITE IT FORWARD
Brianna Lindley : $50
Dedicated to sweet Angel. Xoxo
John Montoya : $25
Emma Briggs : $25
Does not include my two cents...
Wendy stone : $25