Paul Hempel | Positive Force NW

This year is special in a lot of ways and I need your help raising funds for Cascade AIDS Project on the AIDS Walk I will be walking in on September 8, 2018.

I know - you hear from me every year, so why is this year so special?

- I will turn 70 just before the Walk and I want this year to count as my first walk as a septuagenarian!  That means I'm gonna ask you to donate for my birthday in a way that acknowledges my 70th birthday - ($70, $700 - or at least including a 7 in the number - like $57 instead of the $50 you might have given last year or $170 instead of the $100 you might have given last year.)

This year the Trump administration has shown more willingness than ever to roll back public health funding and to weaken protections for all of the GLBTQ Community,  but especially for those living with HIV!  I would like to see you donate not just to help but to send a message to Washington - that you do not approve of the cuts to public health and HIV funding - particularly in view of the enormous tax breaks for corporations and the top 1%. 

This epidemic is not over, although it could be if prevention funds were not being cut and if people living with HIV were getting the help they needed. Sure, people like me, who live with HIV every day, can stay healthy and live a normal life without spreading the virus.  But if you are low income, have co-infections, are homeless, have addictions or pyschological ailments, that's not true and the disease can and does spread easily.  This is where CAP helps - it provides housing services, connection to care, mental help and addiction assistance and last year it even opened a community clinic called PRISM that is available for everyone and makes sure it provides caring and stigma free appropriate care to those living with HIV as well other members of the community.  

I served on the board of CAP for three years and accepted a second term in June because I believe the work is so important.

I'm celebrating my 70th birthday by participating in the AIDS Walk 2018 in Portland AND I am sending a message to the Trump Administration - "Your indifference and hostility to the HIV community is not acceptable."

Won't you please join me by supporting my Walk?

Incorporated in 1985, CAP the oldest and largest AIDS Service Organization in Oregon and Southwest Washington. 2018 marks the 32nd Annual AIDS Walk Portland.
Cascade AIDS Project is a 501 c(3) organization.
Tax ID # 93-0903383

Funds raised: $7,107 of $7,000


Thank you donors
Marty and Dale Kelman : $57
Thank you, my friend! Mike Thanos
Robert Buckler : $20
Bruce Newman : $238
I love you honey. Way to go!!!
Thanks Paul for all you do for everyone!
Christopher and Bonnie Covington : $570
Cody Johnson : $107
Go get ‘em Tiger!
Katje Chiller : $170
Happy 70th Dad! Much love from the Chillers
Robert Hutchison : $210
Angela Barbary : $78
What a wonderful way to celebrate your young age.
Anonymous : $27
David Beckius : $17
Great idea paul of asking people to donate with a 7 in the amount
Anonymous : $207
Thanks for doing this Paul. You're a good man!
Brenda Lingle : $57
I am happy to donate to AIDS walk Portland! There have been some amazing strides in the treatment, prevention, and curing of this horrible disease.
JS McClintock : $171
Happy 70th... walk with style, grace and purpose
Janet & Ron Zwanziger : $570
Scott Dixon : $57
Mo Kafka : $50
Thank you for your tireless commitment to this important cause.
Mike Stanek : $50
julius fister : $150
Steven De Hart : $700
Bank of America : $200
Bob Hargadon : $212
Go get em Paul! 70.70 x3!!!
Eric Kaplan : $200
Good Luck Paul!
Devin Knox : $70
Keep on keeping on bud. I'd be more than happy to help out in n e way I can. Good Luck.
Carl Fagerskog : $100
Way to go Paul, and THANK YOU!
Joelle Goodwin : $70
Because it matters. Keep walking Paul, keep walking. Much Love, Joelle
Paul Lewis : $70
Yay Paul H!!!
Ann Schmierer : $107
Good luck raising your $7000!
Anonymous : $277
Nan Dumas : $57
Happy 70th Birthday, Paul - Seize the day!
Brian Gerritz : $700
Paul, congrats on the milestone! You got my family's support 7x for the values you possess and the leadership you bring. Many thanks for your reaffirmation to CAP and its dedicated servants.
carl westerberg : $57
Robert Hale : $107
Congratulations on your 70th! Welcome to middle age.
Brian Haimbach : $107
Thanks for doing this again! Hope to see you guys soon!
Beverly Jones : $17
Mary and Bill Hudson : $107
Rodney DeMartini : $27
Best wishes on your 70th year!
Douglas Shaffer : $107
Way to go Paul! 70 and still going strong.
Karen Schorr : $57
Evan Hempel : $107
Thomas Gibbon : $177
Enjoy the walk and glad to help out!
Anonymous : $77
Good luck and glad to see you raising $ for such a good cause!
Lionel Williams : $57
Nancy Chiller Janow : $17
Jessi Hempel : $70
Happy Birthday, Dad! Thanks for being an advocate for important causes like this. Love you, Jessi & Frances
Julie Griffin : $70
Anonymous : $170