Frequently asked questions


Where & When is the Walk?

The 2018 AIDS Walk Portland is taking place on Saturday, September 8th.

Field's Park, the Registration & Prize Tents, and the VIP Brunch will all open at 9:30am while the Walk will officially kick-off at 11:00am.

The event takes place at the Fields Neighborhood Park, Portland’s Newest Park.
(Here is the Google Maps Link for Directions to the Park)

How Long is the walk?

The route for AIDS Walk Portland is 2.4 miles long. 

Is the Walk accessible to all?

Yes, the route is flat and completely accessible to strollers and wheelchairs.

Can I bring my dog?

Absolutely! Your well-behaved & friendly pets are invited to take part in AIDS Walk Portland!

Can I bring my kids?

Oh yes! Fun hands-on activities and a play ground will provide children with lasting memories of AIDS Walk Portland. Stop by and enjoy the excitement before and after the Walk.


What is a Team?

Teams are comprised of walkers representing a variety of companies, schools, religious institutions, or organizations in the tri-state area. There are also many friends and family teams that participate, some of whom walk in memory of those they have lost, or to support friends and family living with HIV/AIDS. Teams can range in size from two to more than 500 walkers.

What are a Team Leader’s responsibilities?

A Team Leader's role is to recruit, inspire, and motivate people to register as well as raise funds. In order to promote team participation, a Team Leader's first task is to distribute materials to all potential walkers as quickly as possible. After walkers begin to register, following up is the key to fundraising success.

How Can I add a Team Co-Captain?

To add a co-captain, go to 'View My Team Members' when logged, the option to make them a captain is to the right of their name.


Do I have to register?

Yes! Prior year’s registration information is not stored, so even if you have registered in prior years you must register again. The good news is It’s quick and easy to do. 

I'm going to be out of town on September 8th. Is there any way I can still help out?

There are many ways to support AIDS Walk Portland, even if you are unable to attend. You can always register as a Virtual Walker. Virtual Walkers are registered Walk participants. They are given a personal participant page and are able to fundraise just like other walkers. Although they can’t be there with us at the event, they can support our services and raise awareness for HIV/AIDS.

I would like to register for the Walk, but I'm worried that I won't be able to raise $250. Will CAP charge me the difference if I can't raise $250?

Absolutely not! Registering for the Walk means you commit to a goal of raising $250, but there is no penalty if you do not reach it. However, raising $250 is a lot easier than you think, check out our walker kit for all kinds of fundraising tips and tricks!

Where does the money raised go?

All money raised goes to support CAP's efforts to prevent HIV infections, support and empower people living with or affected by HIV, and eliminate HIV-related stigma and health disparities.  Click here to learn more about Cascade AIDS Project.

Should I use my home or work address to register?

All participants should register using their home address. If you must use your office address, make sure you put your company name, as often times the post office will return mail sent to an individual at a business address. Providing more than one address may result in a duplicate registration.

To whom should donations be made out?

AIDS Walk Portland, CAP, or Cascade AIDS Project

When do I need to turn in my donations?

To count toward your fundraising total and any individual or team prizes, ALL DONATIONS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 5:00 PM ON September 11, 2018.

If you would like to turn in checks, cash, credit card donation forms or matching gift forms before AIDS Walk Portland, please bring them to the CAP office by 5:00 pm on Friday, September 7th.

Our address is 520 NW Davis St. Suite 215, Portland, OR, 97209. Additional donations can be handed in at our Registration Tent at AIDS Walk Portland on the day of the walk.

PLEASE NOTE: Pledges, matching gifts for which you do not have a form and other money received after September 11th will NOT count toward your fundraising total and any individual or team prizes, but WILL provide support for CAP nevertheless.

Why are the checks and cash I sent in to CAP not showing up on my fundraiser page?

All donations received online will automatically show up on your website. Cash and checks we receive at the office sometimes take a little longer to show up. The best way to ensure that donations are credited to you on your fundraising page is to login to your headquarters and click on Enter Offline Donations. Then enter the off-line donations pledged to you. The donations you enter will appear on the front page of your website once they have been received and confirmed by CAP.

If you cannot do this please visit the Walker Resources page and download and print the form titled, “Collecting contributions away from a computer?” and you may mail or turn in your donations into the CAP office. Otherwise, your donation could be credited as a general donation.

Can I mail in a donation?

Yes, we gratefully accept donations via regular mail. Please mail your donation to:

Cascade AIDS Project
520 NW Davis St. #215 Portland, OR 97209   

PLEASE visit the Walker Resources page and download and print the form titled, “Collecting contributions away from a computer?” and you may mail the complete form alongside your check(s). Otherwise, your donation could be credited as a general donation. As a reminder, please do not mail cash.

What about mailing lists?

By participating in AIDS Walk Portland you may be added to a mailing list by default. If you wish to be added to/removed from a mailing list or have a question about a mailing, please include your full mailing address in your email or correspondence. Without a mailing address, we will not be able to honor your request. Thank you.


How do I donate to the walk online?

Click on the "Donate" link on the website header on top of this screen. You'll then have the option of donating to a specific walker or team, or you can donate to the general Walk fund.

Why is my credit card getting declined?

  • The Billing Address you entered does not match the billing address on file with your financial institution. (Spelling and Capitalization are important). Be sure “Auto-Fill” is off and that you enter your information fresh.
  • The CVC/CVV Card Security Code does not match. These are the 3-4 numbers on the back of your card in the signature line. (This can vary depending on the type of Card you have.)
  • For security purposes, your financial institution may limit the number of credit card transactions you can process from your IP Address within a set amount of time. If you are making multiple donations, make a few and return later.
  • The credit line or balance on the account is not sufficient to process your donation.

If you are still having trouble, you can call 503.278.3858 and we can take your credit card info over the phone and give it a try. 

Is my information secure? How is my credit card number handled?

Yes. Blue Sky Collaborative, the company that AIDS Walk Portland uses to store our data, has made every effort to protect your information. They use industry-standard SSL encryption techniques to make sure that your credit card information, passwords, and personal information travel securely over the Internet.

Credit card numbers are not stored in our database. During the donation process, we send your credit card number to an online processing terminal using a secure connection. At no time does Blue Sky or Cascade AIDS Project have access to the full credit card information (only the last 4 digits).

What if I have a question that is not answered here?

Please contact Jeremy James at the AIDS Walk office at (503) 278-3854 or events@cascadeaids.org