Jodi Davich | Multnomah County HIV Clinic

On September 9th, I am participating in AIDS Walk Portland, and I need your help!

Help me raise money for AIDS Walk Portland that supports the crucial programs and services of Cascade AIDS Project (CAP).

I am getting involved in our community's single most powerful and enduring response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and my hope is that you will too. To make a donation on my behalf and help me reach my fundraising goal, please click on the "Donate Now" button to the right. 

Thank you for your support!

Incorporated in 1985, CAP the oldest and largest AIDS Service Organization in Oregon and Southwest Washington. 2017 marks the 31st Annual AIDS Walk Portland.
Cascade AIDS Project is a 501 c(3) organization.
Tax ID # 93-0903383

Funds raised: $5,365 of $4,800


Thank you donors
Mary Annese : $50
Carol Casciato : $100
Jodi, thank you for the many years of service you devoted to all people affected by HIV/AIDS. Your efforts are appreciated and your dedication admired. Happy retirement - Carol and Julie
Jo Ann Davich : $20
Over $12,000
laurel Kurtz : $20
Congratulations on your upcoming retirement! We are going to miss you so much! Thanks for all you do for our clinic and modeling awesomeness!
Kent McVay : $150
Shireen Khormooji : $50
Jodi, Thanks for being a passionate leader at MCHD by advocating for PLWH and their providers. Thank you for explaining the grant writing process to mewhen I was a new supervisor. Enjoy retirement!
Chris Sovari : $20
james McDonald : $125
Ivonne Helms : $30
Nicole Hermanns : $200
Am so happy to support the MCHD HIV Clinic. Jodi, words cannot fully express how much you will be missed!!!
Sami Jarrah : $25
Multnomah County will miss you so much, Jodi! I tried to stop by and see you when I was in PDX but sadly missed you. I hope you are well, and thank you for your advocacy for the HIV community!
Chris Carter : $100
Deborah Curley : $100
Jodi, so proud of your work on this over the years, and very happy to support this important event!!
Emily Borke : $50
Thank you for your leadership and all the incredible things you have done for the clinic.
Christine Bernsten : $50
Anonymous : $100
Kit Muller : $100
Diane McBride : $35
Gary Oxman : $40
robert henriques : $100
Thank you Jodi, for making me a better person
Ricky Holt : $50
Anonymous : $54
thank you for all you have done in this field of HIV services.
Jamie Christianson : $20
Janet Carpenter : $50
Thank you for all you have done for CAP and the Day Center throughout the years
Raymond Sindell : $50
Renata Ackermann : $250
Thank you for all of your efforts to run a great clinic - will miss you!
Meghan Crane : $15
Jodi, you are in the top 15 fundraisers! Look at you go! Hope to see you at the event <3
Gary Lundgren : $750
Shelley Bailey : $750
Christa Black : $100
Anonymous : $25
Happy Retirement, Jodi!
Wendy Rankin : $25
Congratulations on your impending retirement Jodi and thank you for all your advocacy for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. You will be missed!
Anonymous : $20
Happy Retirement!! Thank you for all you have done for the people living with HIV/AIDS in Portland over the years! I hope to see you in October in San Diego! :) Happy Walking!!
Jeannette Tudor : $35
Lila Wickham : $50
Alexander Sheble-Hall : $25
Jodi, Always walkin' the walk... love you! Sandy
Gertrude Bernstein : $50
Jodi, your generosity and your spirit will be missed.
Elizabeth Deutsch : $500
In recognition of the cheerful service and positive leadership provided by Jodi Davich to Multnoma County HIV and STD clinics
Anne Nguyen : $25
Barbara Cocci : $50
Jodi, thanks so much for doing this. You have been such a fierce supporter and advocate. I really admire you!
Sara Bachman : $50
Go Jodi! From your friends at Boston University!
Daniel Dietz : $100
Congrats Jodi and thank you!
Lynn Geis : $100
Jordana Sardo : $200
I will miss your sass, perseverance, bountiful know-how, and respectful and compassionate dedication. Your retirement is well deserved and Idaho better watch out!
Deborah Powers : $50
Thank you Jodi for being such an amazing manager, activist, and friend.
Patricia Kullberg : $200
Heartfelt thanks to Jodi for her long service to the community.
Aric Lane : $10
Julia Lager-Mesulam : $36
Jodi- Thank you for all that you have done over the years to support the HIV community! You will be greatly missed!!
Jo Ann Davich : $250
Join me in supporting CAP and the HIV Day Center!