Matching Gifts


A matching gift is a donation made by a company on behalf of a qualifying individual – most often a current employee or retiree. The matching gift donation can equal or exceed the amount of the donation to a nonprofit organization depending on the company's program. Matching Gift Programs are increasingly vital to nonprofit organizations because of their ability to increase resources by doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the individual’s contribution.

Research your employer’s matching gift policies in order to guarantee your donation is increased properly. There are a number of different ways Matching Gift Programs can work. The company may match dollar donations, volunteer hours, or other areas.

The Matching Gift form that is provided by your workplace must be filled out accurately and completely by the employee and then sent Cascade AIDS Project to continue the authorization process. The Matching Gift form with the qualifying individual’s information completed and signed should be turned in with the donation. Some matching gifts can be processed online.