Quest Center for Integrative Health

Quest Center seeks to raise $10,000 to assist our clients living with HIV/AIDS at Portland AIDS Walk 2016

Since 1989, Quest Center has proudly served Oregonians impacted by HIV/AIDS. Then and now, the goal of our integrative approach is to ensure that ALL our clients living with HIV/AIDS are afforded the opportunity to live a life of health and wellness.

For more than 20 years, Quest Center has walked side-by-side with Cascade AIDS Project in our shared vision to end the human suffering caused by HIV. As a partnering organization, the majority of the funds raised by Team Quest will be used to assist our HIV positive client’s medical and mental health needs regardless of their ability to pay.

We have long known that insurance alone cannot provide individuals living with HIV/AIDS the supportive services needed to combat the emotional and physical trauma of long-term exposure to the HIV virus. Despite healthcare reform the gap between need and coverage continues to exist today.

Medication side-effects, depression, isolation, anxiety, and other life challenging circumstances require healing to the mind, body and spirit. Quest Center remains committed to providing services to our HIV/AIDS clients defined by the healing of the whole person and not defined by the extent of their insurance coverage.

In the past year AIDS Walk funds have allowed Jeremy, a long term survivor of AIDS, to remain in therapy with his therapist without interruption despite the limited amount of visits covered by his insurance. Jeremy is an active member of Quest’s Gay Men’s HIV Positive Community Group, this group and other services designed to meet the needs of our client would not be possible without AIDS Walk funds.

For nearly three decades, people living with HIV have come to Quest because it’s a place where they feel accepted, supported, loved, and understood. By helping raise funds for Team Quest this year, you are helping to create a safety net that makes sure no one who seeks these critical services are turned away.

We need your support to continue our goal of ensuring ALL our clients have the opportunity to thrive and live well.

Quest Center for Integrative Health was founded in 1989 as Project Quest in response to the HIV/AIDS crisis. Over the past three decades, Quest Center has expanded its mission and core populations to include people living with HIV/AIDS, the LGBTQ community, and individuals seeking a healthy life. Our integrative wellness strategies are designed to assist individuals living with life challenging circumstances journey to wellness.