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Help Historians for CAP raise funds and participate in the September 9th, AIDS Walk Portland. we need your help!

Today, facts and critical thinking are under assault. Historians play a unique role in informing the public and keeping the record straight.  The separation between our job as historians and fighting for justice must end if we want information and data to inform public policy, and social movements. Historians for Justice is a small group who seek to use their talents, and knowledge to fight for social justice through the proliferation of information and public history projects. Instead of sharing authority, we support authority from the ground, up by re-centering the historical narrative on the voices of the people most impacted by injustice in our communities. We support those narratives with fact checking, oral histories, creative place-making projects, and peer reviewed historical research. 

Our goal is to answer the call for a more just society. A more just society begins with a truly more diverse narrative of American history. We admire the the way CAP answered the call for healing AIDS epidemic victims in Portland. 

-The first AIDS diagnoses in Oregon occurred in April of 1981.                                             -The first AIDS related death in Oregon occurred on April 28th 1983.                               -By 1983, CAP was formally founded, and is the oldest and largest community organization provider of services for HIV and AIDS in Oregon and Southern WA. 

Help our team raise money for AIDS Walk Portland that supports the crucial programs and services of Cascade AIDS Project (CAP). We are getting involved in our community's most powerful and enduring response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic and our hope is that you will too. Please join us in supporting this great cause by:

  • Making a Donation
  • Volunteer to help raise awareness around AIDS history in Portland, OR.
  • Participate--Walk with us!

To join us in our efforts for the Walk, please click "Join Our Team" and walk Sept. 10th at The Fields Park.

Thank you for supporting the work of Cascade AIDS Project!

Funds raised: $25 of $500


Thank you donors
Melissa Lang : $25