Explorers Club

Welcome to The Explorers Club - We're back again!

We’re the goofballs in the red neckerchiefs.

Calling all walkers, runners, hikers, bikers, boaters, roller-bladers and baton twirlers.  No matter your shape, size, color, age, gender, or identity - come join our merry band.  We welcome you with open arms!

If you've never been to AIDS Walk, you are in for an amazing experience. A gathering of folks from all walks of life, joining forces to honor those living with the HIV virus and remembering those that we've lost over the years. It's an amazing show of what's good in this world; people coming together to spread a positive message of love and support. It's fun, it's uplifting and it will tug on your heart strings!

This is a fundraiser for Cascade AIDS Projects (CAP) and all the programs it supports (they do amazing things for our community!), but this is also a chance to bring awareness to a virus that has affected all our lives (in one form or another).  HIV/AIDS is still relevant - it is still spreading and the stigma of having the virus is still very prevalent today.  Now, more than ever, is not the time to get complacent.  Let’s take to the streets and make some (joyous) noise! 

So please come join Explorers Club? We're a bit whacky and lot of fun! Come lend your voice and hit the streets of Portland for this family friendly event.

Sign up with your family, friends and coworkers - the more the merrier!

  • Making a Donation

To make a donation on our behalf and help us reach our fundraising goal, please click on the "Donate Now" button to the right.

  • Participate

To join us in our efforts for the Walk, please click "Join Our Team" and walk Saturday Sept. 8th at The Fields Park.

Thank you for supporting the work of Cascade AIDS Project!

Funds raised: $5,216 of $5,000


Thank you donors
Scotty Stillman : $50
Keep up the great work!! Scotty
Wendy Stark : $40