Anthony Unger | Prism Health Team

Hello everyone! September 8th is this years AIDS Walk, a walk to come together as a community to support those we love and raise money for those affected by HIV/AIDS!

This year is extra important to me. Not only am I still the biggest fighter and supporter for the ones close to me that are HIV positive, but I am now a dedicated employee at Prism Health, a health clinic for the LGBTQ community through the Cascade AIDS Project for which this walk benefits!

You guys have no idea how much it means to me to be apart of this amazing company and through my own sweat and tears I am committing myself and my life to helping the community I care the most about! Being a homosexual male, HIV and AIDS has always been something that has been on my mind. Now as an adult, my biggest wish is not only for myself to be happy and healthy, but for those in my community to have that as well.

As I continue my journey now with Prism Health, it is my goal to one day be a provider for them or a similar clinic as I have always told myself I wanted to be a Nurse Practioner at an HIV/ AIDS Clinic or in general a Infectious Disease Clinic. Helping the lives of those with HIV/AIDS and now those of the LGBTQ community gives me no greater joy or purpose!


I ask any of you viewing my page to donate to the Prism Health Team! Even if it’s only a dollar, everything adds up! This is so important to me and my life and as Prism Health and the Cascade AIDS Project are nonprofits,it is through these donations that all the amazing work we can provide is made possible!

Thank you all for your support!



Incorporated in 1985, CAP the oldest and largest AIDS Service Organization in Oregon and Southwest Washington. 2018 marks the 32nd Annual AIDS Walk Portland.
Cascade AIDS Project is a 501 c(3) organization.
Tax ID # 93-0903383

Funds raised: $35 of $250


Thank you donors
Alexandra Dennis : $20
Wish I could walk with you all but I'll be there in spirit!!
Christian Holden : $5