Walker Tips 'n Tricks

Fundraising Tips

Here are some great fundraising ideas to get you started! 

If you would like more help, contact Jeremy James, your Event Coordinator, at events@CascadeAIDS.org or 503.278.3854, and he can help you with all of your fundraising needs.

1. Use social media updates to fundraise and inspire

You can link your personal fundraising page to your Facebook or Twitter right from your AIDS Walk account. It’s quick, easy, and effective! Just follow these steps:

  • Log in to your AIDS Walk Portland account.
  • Use the clickable Facebook and Twitter icons to generate a status update or tweet with a link to your fundraising page.
  • Personalize your post with a meaningful message to inspire support!
2. Reach out with email

You can also send personalized emails right from your account. Just click the Send an Email or Spread the Word icons on your homepage to get started. Use one of our available templates or create your own.

If you use another account to send emails, make sure to include a link to your AIDS Walk fundraising page in your signature. Each time you send a message, the recipient will be provided with a reminder to sponsor you.

3. Customize your personal fundraising page

Make it personal by letting people know why AIDS Walk Portland is so important to you. Add a profile picture and make sure to include your fun photos if you've done the AIDS Walk in the past.

4. Give thanks and get donations at the same time

When somebody makes a donation, thank them publicly by updating your status with a message of thanks. This not only lets that donor know how grateful you are for their kind donation, but it inspires others to donate, too!

5. Share AIDS Walk Portland posts and events

Like AIDS Walk Portland on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Share and retweet posts letting people know about important updates, challenges to win prizes, and upcoming events. Make sure to link to your personal fundraising page too!

6. Remember matching gifts

Many employers will match the charitable donations made by their employees. Ask your employer if they have a matching gift program and make sure to have your donors ask as well. You may be able to double every donation that you get!

7. Post an AIDS Walk poster or sign

Put up a sign by the elevator, coffee maker, copy machine, vending machine, break room, or bathroom letting everyone know that you are participating in the AIDS Walk and would be grateful for their donation. 

8. Use incentives. Get Creative!

From a backyard BBQ's to tickets to a football game, entice potential donors by offering prizes they can't resist! It can be as simple as offering to bake a batch of cookies for your largest donor of the day.

9. Organize a FUNdraiser

Get donations and have a great time while you're doing it with some of these easy fundraiser ideas:

  • Host a bake sale at work, school, or social gathering.
  • Throw a potluck or dinner party and ask each guest to donate $10.
  • Ask your employer if you can plan a "Denim Day" or a "Dress Down Day" at work. Charge $5 for each person to participate.
  • Throw an event at your favorite local bar or restaurant. Often, these businesses will have "Give Back" days where you can host an event and a portion of the proceeds will benefit your cause. This can be a great way to raise big bucks!
10. ASK!

The number one reason people do not give is that they were not asked. It is important to remember that people want to support worthy causes and their family, friends, and neighbors. Make it easy by giving them the opportunity!

Collecting Contributions away from a computer?   Open and print this document to record offline donations from friends, family and co-workers!  



  • Registration opens
  • Music & entertainment begin
  • Prize Booth opens
  • Team Photos begin
  • Kids' Corner opens
  • Games
  • Snacks available



  • 2.4-mile walk begins.


  • Those 21+ are invited to the after-party in Old Town